Rhaoni Chiu Pereira kirjutas E, 20.10.2003 kell 17:13:
> Hi List,
>    I got a P4 1.7Ghz , 512MB RAM , HD 7200 RPM, on RED HAT 9 running PostgreSQL 
> 7.3.2-3 Database.
>    I have a Delphi aplication that updates the Oracle database using .dbf 
> file's information  ( converting the data from the old clipper aplication ) and 
> it takes about 3min and 45 seconds to update Jan/2003 .

Have you tried contrib/dbase to do the same ?

How fast does this run

>     My problem is that I must substitute this Oracle for  a PostgreSQL database 
> and this same Delphi aplication takes 45 min to update Jan/2003.
>     All delphi routines are converted and optmized to work with PgSQL.

Could it be that you try to run each insert in a separate transaction in
PgSQL version ?

Another possibility is that there is a primary key index created on
empty tables which is not used in subsequent UNIQUE tests when tables
start to fill and using index would be useful. An ANALYZE in a parallel
backend could help here. Same can be true for foreign keys and unique


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