>    First of all , thank's for your atention and fast answer. The system
> really bogs down when I'm doing a whole series of these updates.

That would be consistent with a single-disk problem.

> Take a
> look at my postgresql.conf I'm afraid of putting some parameters wrong (
> too high or too low ). And sorry if it sounds stupid but how can I move the
> transaction log to this second disk ?

1) Install the 2nd disk.
2) With PostgreSQL shut down, copy the PGDATA/pg_xlog directory to the 2nd 
3) delete the old pg_xlog directory
4) Symlink or Mount the new pg_xlog directory under PGDATA as PGDATA/pg_xlog.
5) Restart Postgres.

What I am interested in is your original assertion that this ran faster on 
Oracle.   Was Oracle installed on this particular machine, or a different 

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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