Title: Tuning for mid-size server


Pretty soon, a PowerEdge 6650 with 4 x 2Ghz XEONs, and 8GB Memory, with internal drives on RAID5 will be delivered. Postgres will be from RH8.0.

I am planning for these values for the postgres configuration - to begin with:

Shared_buffers (25% of RAM / 8KB)) = 8589934592 * .25 / 8192 = 262144

Sort_mem (4% of RAM / 1KB) = 335544. We'll take about half of that - 167772

Effective_cache_size = 262144 (same as shared_buffers - 25%)

In the /etc/sysctl file:
kernel.shmall = 536870912 (512MB) SHMALL Total amount of shared memory available (bytes or pages)
kernel.shmmax = 536870912 (512MB) SHMMAX Maximum size of shared memory segment (bytes)

In a generic sense, these are recommended values I found in some documents. The database will be small in size and will gradually grow over time from few thousands to a few million records, or more. The activity will be mostly of select statements from a few tables with joins, orderby, groupby clauses. The web application is based on Apache/Resin and hotspot JVM 1.4.0.

Are the above settings ok to begin with? Are there any other parameters that I should configure now, or monitor lateron?

In other words, am I missing anything here to take full advantage of 4 CPUs and 8Gigs of RAM?

Appreciate any help.


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