> Also, if it's a read only environment, RAID5 with n drives equals the
> performance of RAID0 with n-1 drives.


> Josh, you gotta get out more.  IA32 has supported >4 gig ram for a long
> time now, and so has the linux kernel.  It uses a paging method to do it.
> Individual processes are still limited to ~3 gig on Linux on 32 bit
> hardware though, so the extra mem will almost certainly spend it's time as
> kernel cache.

Not that you'd want a sigle process to grow that large anyway.   

So what is the ceiling on 32-bit processors for RAM? Most of the 64-bit 
vendors are pushing Athalon64 and G5 as "breaking the 4GB barrier", and even 
I can do the math on 2^32.   All these 64-bit vendors, then, are talking 
about the limit on ram *per application* and not per machine?

This has all been academic to me to date, as the only very-high-ram systems 
I've worked with were Sparc or micros.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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