> From what I know, there is a cache-row-set functionality that doesn't
> exist with the newer postgres...

What?  PostgreSQL has always used the kernel cache for queries.

> Concurrent users will start from 1 to a high of 5000 or more, and could
> ramp up rapidly. So far, with increased users, we have gone up to
> starting the JVM (resin startup) with 1024megs min and max (recommended
> by Sun) - on the app side.

Well, just keep in mind when tuning that your calculations should be based on 
*available* RAM, meaning RAM not used by Apache or the JVM.

With that many concurrent requests, you'll want to be *very* conservative with 
sort_mem; I might stick to the default of 1024 if I were you, or even lower 
it to 512k.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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