Am Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2003 01:32 schrieb Rob Nagler:
> The concept of vacuuming seems to be problematic.  I'm not sure why
> the database simply can't garbage collect incrementally.  AGC is very
> tricky, especially AGC that involves gigabytes of data on disk.
> Incremental garbage collection seems to be what other databases do,
> and it's been my experience that other databases don't have the type
> of unpredictable behavior I'm seeing with Postgres.  I'd rather the
> database be a little bit slower on average than have to figure out the
> best time to inconvenience my users.

I think oracle does not do garbage collect, it overwrites the tuples directly 
and stores the old tuples in undo buffers. Since most transactions are 
commits, this is a big win.

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