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> Thank You Sir,....
> I'm very Greatfull with your answer ,
> 1. I don't use Cywig, my postgres is 7.4 , and I only
> runs it from command prompt on windows(postmaster);

Do you mean the native port from here:
Please be aware that this is experimental, and you might expect problems.

If not, can you say where you got it from?

> 2.I don't know what i must tuning on (is "PGHBACONF"
> isn't it ?),and I use it in Delphi ,when I run the
> program ,It runs very slow not like i run it with
> mySQL ,What is The Problem , Please Help Me....

There are two important files:
pg_hba.conf - controls access to the database
postgresql.conf - config/tuning

See the "performance" section at:

There are two articles there which cover tuning and adds information about the 
various other settings.

> My computer is :
> PIII 600B, 256 MB, Postgres 7.4 Beta (without cywig),
> delphi version 7, and my connection to DB with
> dbexpress,

OK - does dbexpress use ODBC, or does it connect directly?

> Dedy Styawan
> sorry my english is not so good...

Your English is fine sir. If you can subscribe to the performance list, 
details at:

That way, others will be able to help too. I've CC'd this to the performance 
list ready for you.
  Richard Huxton
  Archonet Ltd

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