Damien Dougan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Now, our problem seems to be the delays introduced by reading from the
> public views.

Your initial message stated plainly that the problem was in INSERTs;
it's not surprising that you got unhelpful advice.

> View definition:
> [ huge view full of LEFT JOINs ]

> As you can see, the PublicView is resulting in a huge nested loop,
> with an index scan of the contact only occurring at the end. I would
> have expected something more like:

> (1) An index scan of the contact table to determine the correct contact
> (2) An index scan of the address table using the rel_contact_has_address.address_id 
> to obtain the (relatively small - max 16, and typically 2) addresses
> (3) A number of joins - at the same level rather than looping - to obtain the 
> detailnames for the new column names of the public view

Your LEFT JOINs are constraining the join order --- see 
You'll need to reorder the joins into something that does what you want.

                        regards, tom lane

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