On Wednesday 29 October 2003 2:23 pm, Tom Lane wrote:

> Your initial message stated plainly that the problem was in INSERTs;
> it's not surprising that you got unhelpful advice.

But perhaps my use of the term "insert" to describe upload was a very bad call 
given the domain of the list...

I assure you I wasn't setting out to deceive anyone! The only location i used 
INSERT (ie as a Postgres keyword) was towards the end of my mail when I tried 
to highlight the fact we couldn't use COPY to upload our data because of the 
difficulty in maintaining the code to generate inter-table relations ahead of 

The problem was showing itself during database upload - so I assumed (ASS out 
of U and ME and all that!) that the write delay was very large (hence the 
disappointing improvements by switching off fsync etc). It was only after 
further investigation that we discovered that simulated INSERTs were going 
fine, but the Read delays between INSERTs where holding us up.

> Your LEFT JOINs are constraining the join order --- see
> http://www.postgresql.org/docs/7.3/static/explicit-joins.html
> You'll need to reorder the joins into something that does what you want.

Thanks very much for the heads-up, we'll reorder the joins into something more 


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