Tom Lane wrote:
Rajesh Kumar Mallah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
            Tickets main  JOIN Groups as Groups_1  ON ( = Groups_1.Instance)
         )  JOIN
         Principals as Principals_2  ON ( = Principals_2.ObjectId)
      ) JOIN
      CachedGroupMembers as CachedGroupMembers_3  ON ( = CachedGroupMembers_3.GroupId)
   )  JOIN
   Users as Users_4  ON ( CachedGroupMembers_3.MemberId =

I think the reason for the performance difference is that 7.3 treats
JOIN syntax as forcing a particular join order, while 7.4 doesn't.

Just out of curiosity , how does 7.4 determine the optimal Join Order?
is it GEQO in case of 7.4 although i did not enable it explicitly?
Thanks for the reply , I sent the EXPLAINs also just now.

What i really want is to help improving the Pg specific Component
for DBIx::SearchBuilder. The module is being widely used in
the  mod_perl world and has impact on the performance perception
of PostgreSQL.

			regards, tom lane

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