Rajesh Kumar Mallah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> ->  Seq Scan on tickets main  (cost=0.00..465.62 rows=1 width=164)
>       Filter: ((effectiveid = id) AND (("type")::text = 'ticket'::text) AND 
> (((status)::text = 'new'::text) OR ((status)::text = 'open'::text)))

This query has to read through every ticket in the system and check if the
current user has access to it? It seems like this isn't going to be a terribly
fast query no matter how you slice it.

One thing that might help keep its run-time from growing is a partial index
  WHERE type = 'ticket' and (status = 'new' OR status = 'open')

(I'm not sure what the point of the effectiveid=id clause is)

That at least might help when 99% of your tickets are old closed tickets. But
it will still have to scan through every new and open ticket which on some
systems could be a large number.


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