Benjamin Bostow wrote:

I am running RH 7.3 running Apache 1.3.27-2 and PostgreSQL 7.2.3-5.73.
When having 100+ users connected to my server I notice that postmaster
consumes up wards of 90% of the processor and I hardly am higher than
10% idle. I did notice that when I kill apache and postmaster that my
idle processor percentage goes to 95% or higher. I am looking on ways
that I can find what connections are making the database processes run
so high. If this could also tell which program is accessing it, it would
be helpful. I have look through the documents on performance tuning
postgresql and have adjusted my memory with little effect. I have even
routed all traffic away from the Apache server so no load is on apache.
I do have C programs that run and access the database. Any help will be
greatly appreciated.

Routinely the CPU load for postgresql translates to too much low shared buffers setting for requirement.

What are your postgresql.conf tunings? Could you please post them?


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