Benjamin Bostow wrote:

I haven't modified any of the setting. I did try changing shmmax from
32MB to 256MB but didn't see much change in the processor usage. The
init script that runs to start the server uses the following:
su -l postgres -s /bin/sh -c "/usr/bin/pg_ctl  -D $PGDATA -p
/usr/bin/postmaster -o \"-i -N 128 -B 256\" start  > /dev/null 2>&1" <

Lol.. -B 256 does not mean 256MB of buffers. It means 2MB of buffers. Each buffer is of 8K. Try upping it to a 1000 or 2000

I haven't modified postgresql.conf yet but am going through a book on performance tuning the server. If you can provide any suggestions or help as I am new to postgres it would be appreciated.



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