Josh Berkus wrote:

When my current job batch is done, I'll save a copy of the dir and give
the WAL on ramdrive a test. And perhaps even buy a Sandisk at the local
store and run that through the hooper.

We'll be interested in the results. The Sandisk won't be much of a performance test; last I checked, their access speed was about 1/2 that of a fast SCSI drive. But it could be a feasability test for the more expensive RAMdrive approach.

The SanDisks do seem a bit pokey at 16MBps. On the otherhand, you could get 4 of these suckers, put them in a mega-RAID-0 stripe for 64MBps. You shouldn't need to do mirroring with a solid state drive.

Time to Google up some more solid state drive vendors.

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