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Yes, I know: very difficult question, but I don't know what to do now.

Our Server:
Dual-CPU with 1.2 GHz
1.5 GB RAM

Our Problem: We are a Community. Between 19 and 21 o clock we have >350 User in the Community. But then, the Database are very slow. And we have per CPU ~20-30% idle-time.

May we know the postgres version that you are running and
see the query that run slow ?

Postgres: 7.3.2 Query: All queries

max_connections = 1000 # Must be, if lower then 500 we become connection-errors
shared_buffers = 5000 # 2*max_connections, min 16
max_fsm_relations = 1000 # min 10, fsm is free space map
max_fsm_pages = 2000000 # min 1000, fsm is free space map
max_locks_per_transaction = 64 # min 10
wal_buffers = 2000 # min 4

sort_mem = 32768             # min 32
vacuum_mem = 32768           # min 1024

fsync = false

enable_seqscan = true
enable_indexscan = true
enable_tidscan = true
enable_sort = true
enable_nestloop = true
enable_mergejoin = true
enable_hashjoin = true

effective_cache_size = 96000 # default in 8k pages

That are all uncommented lines. I've found the values in internet and had tested it. But in performance are no difference between old configuration an this.

Is also usefull take a look at your postgresql configuration.
You can see doing   select * from pg_stat_activity the
queries that are currently running on your server, and
do a explain analize on it to see which one is the
bottleneck. If you are running the 7.4 you can see on
the log the total ammount for each query.

I'll show tomorrow for this, today it is too late, the performance is now perfect. It's only slow on this 2 hours with so many users on server.

Oh, and i can't update to 7.4. The Chat don't run with libraries of 7.4

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