> Disclaimer:  I am relatively new to RDBMSs, so please do not laugh at me 
> too loudly,  you can laugh, just not too loudly and please do not point. :)

Hey, we all started somewhere.  Nobody was born knowing databases.  Except 
maybe Neil Conway.

> I am working on an Automated Installer Testing System for Adobe Systems 
> and I am doing a DB redesign of the current postgres db:

Cool!    We're going to want to talk to you about a case study later, if you 
can get your boss to authorize it ....

> Our db is getting to be a respectable size (about 10GB right now) and is 
> growing slower and slower. 

Slower and slower?   Hmmm ... what's your VACUUM. ANALYZE & REINDEX schedule?  
What PG version?  What are your postgresql.conf settings?   Progressive 
performance loss may indicate a problem with one or more of these things ...

> then in my data I would just store 1,2,3 or 4 instead of the whole 
> permissions string.
> it seems to me that we would save lots of space and over time not see 
> the same performance degradation.

Yes, this is a good idea.   Abstracting other repetitive data is good too.  
Also keep in mind that the permissions themselves can be represented as octal 
numbers instead of strings, which takes less space.

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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