On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 08:51:14AM +0800, Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
> >Which one is better (performance/easier to use),
> >tsearch2 or fulltextindex? 
> >there is an example how to use fulltextindex in the
> >techdocs, but I checked the contrib/fulltextindex
> >package, there is a WARNING that fulltextindex is
> >much slower than tsearch2. but tsearch2 seems
> >complex to use, and I can not find a good example.
> >Which one I should use? Any suggestions?  
> I believe I wrote that warning :)
> Tsearch2 is what you should use.  Yes, it's more complicated but it's 
> HEAPS faster and seriously powerful.

Can you provide some numbers please, both for creating full text indexes
as well as for searching them? I tried to use tsearch and it seemed like
just creating a full text index on million+ records took forever.

> Just read the README file.
> You could also try out the original tsearch (V1), but that will probably 
> be superceded soon, now that tsearch2 is around.
> Chris
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