> Jeremiah Jahn wrote:
> > Have you run ANALYZE ? Why does DB think that there is only 
> one judge 
> > with name like SMITH% ?
> I've attached the Analyze below. I have no idea why the db 
> thinks there is only 1 judge named simth. Is there some what 
> I can inform the DB about this. In actuality, there aren't 
> any judges named smith at the moment, but there are 22K 
> people named smith.

I think you're mistaking the command EXPLAIN ANALYZE for the command
Have you actually run the command ANALYZE or perhaps even better if you
haven't vacuumed before: VACUUM FULL ANALYZE

If you have no idea what vacuum is, check the manual. If you've already
run such a VACUUM/ANALYZE-command, then ignore this message :)

Best regards,

Arjen van der Meijden

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