Second and more radical, has anyone run postgreSQL on the new Apple G5 with an XRaid system? This seems like a great value combination. Fast CPU, wide bus, Fibre Channel IO, 2.5TB all for ~17k.

I keep see references to terabyte postgreSQL installations, I was wondering if anyone on this list is in charge of one of those and can offer some advice on how to position ourselves hardware wise.

From my (admittedly low end) OSX experience, you just don't have the filesystem options on OSX that you have on linux, from the noatime mount, filesystem types, and the raid options. I also feel that the software stack is a bit more mature and tested on the linux side of things.

I doubt that the g5 hardware is that much faster than what you have right now. The raid hardware might be a good deal for you even on a linux platform. There are reports of it 'just working' with x86 linux hardware.


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