I've tweaked shared buffers to 8192, pushed sort memory to 2048, vacuum memory to 8192, and effective cache size to 10000. /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax is set to 1600000000 and /proc/sys/fs/file-max is set to 65536. Ulimit -n 3192.

Your sharedmemory is too high, and not even being used effectivey. Your other settings are too low.

Ball park guessing here, but I'd say first read (and understand) this:


Then make shared memory about 10-20% available ram, and set:

((shmmax/1024) - ( 14.2 * max_connections ) - 250 ) / 8.2 = shared_buffers

decrease random_page_cost to 0.3 and wack up sort mem by 16 times, effective cache size to about 50% RAM (depending on your other settings) and try that for starters.


Rob Fielding

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