On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 09:54:52PM -0500, Robert Treat wrote:
> A vacuum verbose could give you a good indication if you need to reindex, 
> compare the # of pages in the index with the # in the table. 

Hmmm, I have a feeling that's not as obvious as I thought...  I can't
identify the index (named 'id_index') in the output of vacuum verbose.
The closest I can find is:

NOTICE:  --Relation pg_index--
NOTICE:  Pages 2: Changed 0, Empty 0; Tup 56: Vac 0, Keep 0, UnUsed 42.
        Total CPU 0.00s/0.00u sec elapsed 0.00 sec.

Which probably isn't correct, right (the name doesn't seem to match)?

The table's entry is:

NOTICE:  --Relation attributes_table--
NOTICE:  Pages 639: Changed 0, Empty 0; Tup 52846: Vac 0, Keep 0, UnUsed 48.
        Total CPU 0.00s/0.01u sec elapsed 0.01 sec.

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