Steve Wampler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Thanks, Tom.  Are there any reasons why it would not appear?:

Oh, I shoulda read the code more carefully.  I was looking at the bottom
of lazy_scan_index, where the printout is done, and failed to notice the
test at the top:

     * If the index is not partial, skip the scan, and just assume it has
     * the same number of tuples as the heap.

So for ordinary indexes, nothing will appear unless vacuum has actual
work to do (that is, it recycled at least one dead tuple in the table).

Short answer: update or delete some row in the table, and then try
vacuum verbose.

Alternatively, you can just look at the pg_class row for the index.
relpages and reltuples will contain the info you are after ... and
they are certainly up to date at this point ;-)

                        regards, tom lane

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