Hannu Krosing wrote:
Greg Spiegelberg kirjutas E, 12.01.2004 kell 19:03:

Hannu Krosing wrote:

Spiegelberg, Greg kirjutas P, 11.01.2004 kell 18:21:

It would seem we're experiencing somthing similiar with our scratch
volume (JFS mounted with noatime).

Which files/directories do you keep on "scratch" volume ?

All postgres files or just some (WAL, tmp) ?

No Postgres files are kept in scratch only the files being loaded into the database via COPY or lo_import.

then the speedup does not make any sense !

Is reading from jfs filesystem also 5 times faster than reading from
ext3 ?

The only explanation I can give to filling database from jfs volume to
be so much faster could be some strange filesystem cache interactions.


Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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