AA> scott.marlowe wrote:

>>A few tips from an old PHP/Apache/Postgresql developer.
>>1: Avoid pg_pconnect unless you are certain you have load tested the
>>system and it will behave properly.  pg_pconnect often creates as many
>>issues as it solves.

My experience with persistant connections in PHP is quite similar to
the one of Scott Marlowe. There are some nasty effects if something
is not working. The most harmless results come probably from not closed
transactions which will result in a warning as PHP seems to send
always a BEGIN; ROLLBACK; for reusing a connection.

AA> I share the above view. I've had little success with persistent 
AA> connections. The cost of pg_connect is minimal, pg_pconnect is not a
AA> viable solution IMHO. Connections are rarely actually reused.

Still I think it´s a good way to speed things up. Probably the
connection time it takes in PHP is not so the gain, but the general
saving of processor time. Spawning a new process on the backend can be
a very expensive operation. And if it happens often, it sums up.
Perhaps it´s only a memory for CPU time deal.

My persistant connections get very evenly used, no matter if there are
2 or 10. The CPU usage for them is very equally distributed.

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