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Hi There,

We are considering to use NetApp filer for a highly
busy 24*7 postgres database and the reason we chose
netapp, mostly being the "snapshot" functionality for
backing up database online. The filer would be mounted
on a rh linux server (7.3), 4g RAM, dual cpu with a
dedicated card for filer.

I'd appreciate if anyone could share your experience
in configuring things on the filer for optimal
performance or any recomendataion that i should be
aware of.
I run a (not very busy) PG cluster on a NetAPP.

It seems to do just fine.

The issue is the speed of the network connection.  In my case it's only
FastEthernet (100BaseTX).  If it's very busy, you may need to look
at GigE.


Thanks, Shankar

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