Yes, I guess I shoulda thought of that, eh? Thanks. The docs do
suggest that there are some significant differences between the two
versions of the filesystem, so I'm not sure how sanguine I'd be about
the degree of "testing" the filesystem has received on Linux. On the

Well SuSE ships with XFS and SuSE tends to be really good about testing.
Better than RedHat IMHO. Just the fact that RedHat uses ext3 as the default
is a black eye.

XFS has been around a LONG time, and on Linux for a couple of years now.
Plus I believe it is the default FS for all of the really high end stuff SGI is doing
with Linux.

I would (and do) trust XFS currently over ANY other journalled option on Linux.


Joshua D. Drake

other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if it were no worse than the
other options.


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