I changed the conf as you wrote. But now the time is changed from 50 sec to 65 sec. :(
I have not more 256 MB ram now.
When I execute the query the 
Postmaster takes about 1.8 MB
Postgres session takes 18 MB ram only.
& psql takes 1.3 MB.

After the query finishes the 
Postgres session reducess memeory and just uses 10 MB ram.

I have a question why MS-SQL with 256 MB RAM gives result in 2 sec ?? If I have low 
memory Postgres should give result in 10 sec as compared to MS-SQL.

Looking forward for comments & suggestions


> This is a shockingly bad postgresql.conf.  I'm not surprised you have 
> performance problems.  Change this:
> effective_cache_size = 4000
> sort_mem = 4096
> shared_buffers = 1000
> wal_buffers = 8
> Also, you need a LOT more RAM in your PostgreSQL machine, at least half 
> a gig for a basic database server.
> Chris

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