On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Saleem Burhani Baloch wrote:

> select count(*), sum(vl_ex_stax) , sum(qty) , unit from inv_detail group by unit;
> on both databases.

> PostgreSQL Machine
> ******************
> P-III 600Mhz (Dell Precision 220)
> 256 MB Ram (RD Ram)
> 40 GB Baracuda Ext2 File System.
> RedHat 7.2
> PostgreSQL 7.1.3-2

Besides the comments on the conf file already sent, 7.1.3 is many versions
behind the current version and definately has some deficiencies either
fully or partially corrected in later versions.  All in all, I'd suggest
going all the way to 7.4.1 since the hash aggregate stuff might help the
queries you're running.

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