Joe Conway wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:

Just to be clear on this: you have to restart the postmaster to bring
the time back down?  Simply starting a fresh backend session doesn't do

IIRC, shared buffers was reasonable, maybe 128MB. One thing that is worthy of note is that they are using pg_autovacuum and a very low vacuum_mem setting (1024). But I also believe that max_fsm_relations and max_fsm_pages have been bumped up from default (something like 10000 & 200000).

pg_autovacuum could be a problem if it's vacuuming too often. Have you looked to see if a vacuum or analyze is running while the server is slow? If so, have you played with the pg_autovacuum default vacuum and analyze thresholds? If it appears that it is related to pg_autovacuum please send me the command options used to run it and a logfile of it's output running at at a debug level of -d2


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