Tom Lane wrote:
Joe Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Any idea where I can get my hands on the latest version. I found the original post from Tom, but I thought there was a later version with both number of pages and time to sleep as knobs.

That was as far as I got. I think Jan posted a more complex version that would still be reasonable to apply to 7.4.

I have tested Tom's original patch now. The good news -- it works great in terms of reducing the load imposed by vacuum -- almost to the level of being unnoticeable. The bad news -- in a simulation test which loads an hour's worth of data, even with delay set to 1 ms, vacuum of the large table exceeds two hours (vs 12-14 minutes with delay = 0). Since that hourly load is expected 7 x 24, this obviously isn't going to work.

The problem with Jan's more complex version of the patch (at least the one I found - perhaps not the right one) is it includes a bunch of other experimental stuff that I'd not want to mess with at the moment. Would changing the input units (for the original patch) from milli-secs to micro-secs be a bad idea? If so, I guess I'll get to extracting what I need from Jan's patch.



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