The hardware platform to deploy onto may well influence your choice :

Intel is usually the most cost effective , which means using Linux makes sense in that case (anybody measured Pg performance on Solaris/Intel....?).

If however, you are going to run a very "big in some sense" database, then 64 bit hardware is desirable and you can look at the Sun offerings. In this case you can run either Linux or Solaris (some informal benchmarks suggest that for small numbers of cpus, Linux is probably faster).

It might be worth considering Apple if you want a 64-bit chip that has a clock speed comparable to Intel's - the Xserv is similarly priced to Sun V210 (both dual cpu 1U's).

Are you free to choose any hardware?

best wishes


Subbiah, Stalin wrote:

(snipped) what is the preferred OS
for postgres deployment if given an option between linux and solaris.

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