Josh Berkus wrote:


It might be worth considering Apple if you want a 64-bit chip that has a
clock speed comparable to Intel's - the Xserv is similarly priced to Sun
V210 (both dual cpu 1U's).

Personally I'd stay *far* away from the XServs until Apple learns to build some real server harware. The current XServs have internal parts more appropriate to a Dell desktop (promise controller, low-speed commodity IDE drives), than a server.

If Apple has prices these IU desktop machines similar to Sun, then I sense doom ahead for the Apple Server Division.

(thinks...) Point taken - the Xserv is pretty "entry level"...

However, having recently benchmarked a 280R vs a PIII Dell using a Promise ide raid controller - and finding the Dell comparable (with write cache *disabled*), I suspect that the Xserv has a pretty good chance of outperforming a V210 (certainly would be interesting to try out....)

What I think has happened is that over the last few years then "cheap / slow" ide stuff has gotten pretty fast - even when you make "write mean write"....



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