pginfo wrote:

I am running pg 7.4.1 on linux box.
I have a midle size DB with many updates and after it I try to run
vacuum full analyze.
It takes about 2 h.
If I try to dump and reload the DB it take 20 min.

How can I improve the vacuum full analyze time?

How often are you vacuuming? If you've gone a LONG time since the last vacuum, it can take quite a while, to the point where a dump/restore is faster.

A recent realization that I've had some misconceptions about vacuuming led me
to re-read section 8.2 of the admin guide (on vacuuming) ... I highly suggest
a review of these 3 pages of the admin manual, as it contains an excellent
description of why databases need vacuumed, that one can use to determine how
often vacuuming is necessary.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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