On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, Fabio Esposito wrote:

> On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, scott.marlowe wrote:
> > > It maintains 48hours of data, so its not a large database; roughly
> > > <600mbs.  We do this by running a housekeeping program in a cron job.
> > > It deletes all data older then 48hours, then vaccuum analyzes.  It will
> > > also preform a reindex if the option is set before it vaccuum's.
> > >
> > This almost sounds like a problem (fixed in 7.4 I believe) where some
> > system catalog indexes would get huge over time, and couldn't be vacuumed
> > or reindexed while the database was up in multi-user mode.
> >
> > I'll defer to Tom or Bruce or somebody to say if my guess is even close...
> >
> We haven't tried 7.4,  I will experiment with it next week,  I hope it
> will be that simple.

In the meantime, a simple dump - reload into a test box running your 
current version may provide some insight.  If it fixes the problem, then 
you likely do have some kind of issue with index / table growth that isn't 
being addressed by vacuuming.

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