> I think it is also possible that Microsoft has more programmers working
> on tuning issues for SQL Server than PostgreSQL has working on the
> whole project.

Ah, but quantity != quality.    Or they wouldn't be trolling our mailing lists 
trying to hire PostgreSQL programmers for the SQL Server project (really!).   
And we had nearly 200 contributors between 7.3 and 7.4 ... a respectable 
development staff for even a large corporation.

Point taken, though, SQL Server has done a better job in opitimizing for 
"dumb" queries.   This is something that PostgreSQL needs to work on, as is 
self-referential updates for large tables, which also tend to be really slow.   
Mind you, in SQL Server 7 I used to be able to crash the server with a big 
self-referential update, so this is a common database problem.

Unfortunately, these days only Tom and Neil seem to be seriously working on 
the query planner (beg pardon in advance if I've missed someone) so I think 
the real answer is that we need another person interested in this kind of 
optimization before it's going to get much better.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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