I found that if you SHMALL value was less than your SHMMAX value,
the value wouldn't take.


Tom Lane wrote:

Qing Zhao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

My suspision is that the change i made in /etc/rc does not take effect.Is there a way to check it?

sysctl has an option to show the values currently in effect.

I believe that /etc/rc is the correct place to set shmmax on OSX 10.3 or
later ... but we have seen prior reports of people having trouble
getting the setting to "take".  There may be some other constraint

sysctl -w kern.sysv.shmmax=4294967296 // byte

Hmm, does sysctl work for values that exceed the range of int?

There's no particularly good reason to try to set shmmax as high as you
are trying anyhow; you really don't need more than a couple hundred meg
in Postgres shared memory.  It's better to leave the kernel to manage
the bulk of your RAM.

regards, tom lane

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