Richard Huxton wrote:

On Wednesday 14 April 2004 18:53, Rajesh Kumar Mallah wrote:

I have .5 million rows in a table. My problem is select count(*) takes
ages. VACUUM FULL does not help. can anyone please tell me
how to i enhance the performance of the setup.

SELECT count(*) from eyp_rfi;

If this is the actual query you're running, and you need a guaranteed accurate result, then you only have one option: write a trigger function to update a table_count table with every insert/delete to eyp_rfi.

it is just an example. in general all the queries that involves eyp_rfi become slow. reloading the table makes the query faster.


There is loads of info on this (and why it isn't as simple as you might think) in the archives. First though:
1. Is this the actual query, or just a representation?
2. Do you need an accurate figure or just something "near enough"?

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