The problem is that i want to know if i need a Hardware upgrade
at the moment.

Eg i have another table rfis which contains ~ .6 million records.

SELECT count(*) from rfis where sender_uid > 0; +--------+ | count | +--------+ | 564870 | +--------+ Time: 117560.635 ms

Which is approximate 4804 records per second. Is it an acceptable
performance  on the hardware below:

DISKS: ultra160 , 10 K  , 18 GB
Processor: 2* 2.0 Ghz Xeon

What kind of upgrades shoud be put on the server for it to become
reasonable fast.

Regds mallah.

Richard Huxton wrote:

On Wednesday 14 April 2004 18:53, Rajesh Kumar Mallah wrote:

I have .5 million rows in a table. My problem is select count(*) takes
ages. VACUUM FULL does not help. can anyone please tell me
how to i enhance the performance of the setup.

SELECT count(*) from eyp_rfi;

If this is the actual query you're running, and you need a guaranteed accurate result, then you only have one option: write a trigger function to update a table_count table with every insert/delete to eyp_rfi.

There is loads of info on this (and why it isn't as simple as you might think) in the archives. First though:
1. Is this the actual query, or just a representation?
2. Do you need an accurate figure or just something "near enough"?

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