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Has anyone had a look at:


I realize that MySQL & PG cannot really be compared (especially when you consider the issues that MySQL has with things like data integrity) but still surely PG would perform better than the stats show (i.e. #7 31.28 seconds versus 42 minutes!!!).

Looks like he's using the default postgresql.conf settings in which case I'm not suprised at pg looking so slow. His stated use of foreign keys invalidates the tests anyway as MyISAM tables don't support FKs so we're probably seeing FK check overheads in pg that are simply ignore by MySQL. In an honest test, MySQL should be reported as failing those tests.

Perhaps one of the advocay team will pick up the batton?

On a side note it certainly looks like linux kernel 2.6 is quite a bit faster in comparision to 2.4.

Yes, I've seen other benchmarks which also show that.

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