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I've sent a polite e-mail to Mr. Gomez offering our help. Please, nobody flame him!

Please keep in mind that the entire test has, other than a similar database schema and query types maybe, nothing to do with a TPC-H. I don't see any kind of SUT. Foreign key support on the DB level is not required by any of the TPC benchmarks. But the System Under Test, which is the combination of middleware application and database together with all computers and network components these parts are running on, must implement all the required semantics, like ACID properties, referential integrity &c. One could implement a TPC-H with flat files, it's just a major pain in the middleware.

A proper TPC benchmark implementation would for example be a complete PHP+DB application, where the user interaction is done by an emulated "browser" and what is measured is the http response times, not anything going on between PHP and the DB. Assuming that all requirements of the TPC specification are implemented by either using available DB features, or including appropriate workarounds in the PHP code, that would very well lead to something that can compare PHP+MySQL vs. PHP+PostgreSQL.

All TPC benchmarks I have seen are performed by timing such a system after a considerable rampup time, giving the DB system a chance to properly populate caches and so forth. Rebooting the machine just before the test is the wrong thing here and will especially kill any advanced cache algorithms like ARC.


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