Why would test and set increase context swtches:
Note that it *does not increase* context swtiches when the two threads are on the two cores of a single Xeon processor. (use taskset to force affinity on linux)

If the two test and set processes are testing and setting the same bit as each other, then they'll see worst case cache coherency misses. They'll ping a cache line back and forth between CPUs. Another case, might be that they're tesing and setting different bits or words, but those bits or words are always in the same cache line, again causing worst case cache coherency and misses. The fact that tis doesn't happen when the threads are bound to the 2 cores of a single Xeon suggests it's because they're now sharing L1 cache. No pings/bounces.

I wonder do the threads stall so badly when pinging cache lines back and forth, that the kernel sees it as an opportunity to put the process to sleep? or do these worst case misses cause an interrupt?

My question is: What is it that the two threads waiting for when they spin? Is it exactly the same resource, or two resources that happen to have test-and-set flags in the same cache line?

On Apr 20, 2004, at 7:41 PM, Dave Cramer wrote:

I modified the code in s_lock.c to remove the spins


and it doesn't exhibit the behaviour

This effectively changes the code to

while(TAS(lock)) select(10000); // 10ms

Can anyone explain why executing TAS 100 times would increase context
switches ?


On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 12:59, Josh Berkus wrote:

Quad 2.0GHz XEON with highest load we have seen on the applications, DB
performing great -

Can you run Tom's test? It takes a particular pattern of data access to
reproduce the issue.
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