Ð ÐÑÐ, 22.04.2004, Ð 17:54, Tom Lane ÐÐÑÐÑ:
> Eduardo Almeida <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > About 7hs:30min to load the data and 16:09:25 to
> > create the indexes
> You could probably improve the index-create time by temporarily
> increasing sort_mem.  It wouldn't be unreasonable to give CREATE INDEX
> several hundred meg to work in.  (You don't want sort_mem that big
> normally, because there may be many sorts happening in parallel,
> but in a data-loading context there'll just be one active sort.)

Doesn't this provide a reason for CREATE INDEX not to honour sort_mem?

Markus Bertheau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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