Stan Bielski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>  Table "public.allflow_tv_mydoom"
>    Column   |  Type   | Modifiers
> ------------+---------+-----------
>  tv_s       | bigint  |
> Indexes: allflow_tv_mydoom_x btree (tv_s) 

> standb=# explain select * from allflow_tv_mydoom where tv_s < 1074200099
> and tv_s > 107506499;
> [ gives seqscan ]

This is a FAQ :-(.  Unadorned integer constants are taken to be int4
not int8 (unless they are too large for int4), and cross-data-type
comparisons are not indexable in existing releases.  So you have to
explicitly cast the comparison values to int8:

explain select * from allflow_tv_mydoom where tv_s < 1074200099::bigint
and tv_s > 107506499::bigint;

(or use the standard CAST syntax if you prefer).

7.5 will have a fix for this ancient annoyance.

BTW, is there a reason to be using tv_s+tv_us and not just a single
timestamptz column?

                        regards, tom lane

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