How about iSCSI?  This is exactly what it's for - presenting a bunch of
remote SCSI hardware as if it were local.  

There are several reference implementations on SourceForge from Intel, Cisco
& others.

I've never tried it myself, but I would if I had the need.  And let's face
it there are some very big players selling very pricey kit that uses it, so
you should have pretty high confidence that the fundamentals are strong.


> The other goal is to be able to stick LOTS of disk into one 
> box, and dole it out to multiple servers.  It's more 
> expensive to set up and manage 3 RAID arrays than it is to 
> set up and manage just 1, because you have to manage 3 sets 
> of disk hardware rather than 1.
> The "poor man's approach" involves trying to fake this by 
> building a "disk box" running Linux that exports the storage 
> either as a filesystem (using NFS) or as disk blocks (NBD).  
> NFS clearly doesn't provide the filesystem semantics needed 
> to get decent reliability; with NBD, it's not clear what happens :-(.

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