I just got the BigAdmin newsletter from Sun today... interestingly enough it
had a link to an article described as:

> Database Performance with NAS: Optimizing Oracle on NFS
> This paper discusses the operation of relational databases with network 
> attached storage (NAS). Management implications and performance 
> expectations for databases using NAS are presented.
The link points to: http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/content/nas/

I read just enough to see if it is relevant.  Here is the first part of the

> IT departments are increasingly utilizing Network Attached Storage (NAS) 
> and the Network File System (NFS) to meet the storage needs of mission-
> critical relational databases. Reasons for this adoption include improved 
> storage virtualization, ease of storage deployment, decreased complexity,
> and decreased total cost of ownership. This paper directly examines the
> performance of databases with NAS. In laboratory tests comparing NFS with
> local storage, NFS is shown capable of sustaining the same workload level
> as local storage. Under similar workload conditions, NFS does consume an
> increased number of CPU cycles; however, the proven benefits of NFS and
> NAS outweigh this penalty in most production environments.

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