Hi all,

I was running Postgres 7.3 and it was running at about 15% with my
application. On Postgres 7.4 on another box, it was running at 100%...
My settings are default on both boxes I think.

There are only about 20 inserts per second, which is really low. 
Anyone have any ideas as to something I have to do to Postgres 7.4 to
change it from the default so that it's not eating up all my CPU?  I
have no clue how to debug this...

Help please!!!!  Should I downgrade to 7.3 to see what happens?  BTW
I'm running Postgres 7.3.2 on:

Linux box 2.4.25-040218 #1 SMP Wed Feb 18 17:59:29 CET 2004 i686 i686
i386 GNU/Linux

on a single processor P4 1.4GHz, 512 MB RAM.  Does the SMP kernel do
something with the single processor CPU? or should this not affect

Thanks in advance!!!

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