> Doug said the same, yet the PG Tuning article recommends not make this
> too large as it is just temporary used by the query queue or so. (I
> guess the system would benefit using more memory for file system cache)

As one of the writers of that article, let me point out:

" -- Medium size data set and 256-512MB available RAM: 16-32MB (2048-4096) 
-- Large dataset and lots of available RAM (1-4GB): 64-256MB (8192-32768) "

While this is probably a little conservative, it's still way bigger than 40.

I would disagree with the folks who suggest 32,000 as a setting for you.   On 
Linux, that's a bit too large; I've never seen performance improvements with 
shared_buffers greater than 18% of *available* RAM.

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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