On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 23:50, William Carney wrote:
> Hello,
> Using a test client application that performs 100000 insert operations on a
> table, with the client application running on the same machine as the
> Postgres server, I get the following results for the time taken to run the
> test:
> Unix domain socket connection: 26 seconds
> Inet domain socket ('localhost'): 35 seconds
> The table has two columns, a timestamp and a character(16), no indexes.
> But with the server running on one machine and the client running on
> another, the two machines being connected by a 100 Mb ethernet, with nothing
> else on the network, this test takes 17 minutes to run. I have tried
> changing the frequency of COMMIT operations, but with only a small effect.
> The machines used are P4s running FreeBSD 5.2.1. The Postgres version is
> 7.4.3. Can anyone tell me why there's such a big difference?

Are you using the exact same script locally as across the network?

Have you checked to see how fast you can copy just a plain text file
across the network connection?

Have you checked your system to see if you're getting lots of network
errors or anything like that?

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