On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 03:20:54PM +0930, William Carney wrote:

> But with the server running on one machine and the client running on
> another, the two machines being connected by a 100 Mb ethernet, with nothing
> else on the network, this test takes 17 minutes to run. I have tried
> changing the frequency of COMMIT operations, but with only a small effect.
> The machines used are P4s running FreeBSD 5.2.1. The Postgres version is
> 7.4.3. Can anyone tell me why there's such a big difference?

Can you reproduce this problem in a tiny test case? If your application
is doing other networky things (e.g. many name resolutions that hang
for 10 seconds each), they may be slowing down the PostgreSQL work. 

Just a WAG.


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