Stephane wrote:
Hi everyone,
somebody can help me??????? my boss want to migrate to ORACLE................

#fsync = true 

Are you using battery baked RAID?  

Your problem is probably due to the database syncing all the time.  With fsync one, 
you get 1 sync per transaction that updates, deletes, etc.  4 million writes/day = 46 
writes/sec avg.  Of course, writes will be very bursty, and when you get over 100 you 
are going to have problems even on 15k system.  All databases have this problem, 
including Oracle.  Keeping WAL and data on separate volumes helps a lot.  It's quicker 
and easier to use hardware solution tho.

If you want to run fsync on with that much I/O, consider using a battery backed raid 
controller that caches writes.  This will make a *big* difference.  A quick'n'dirty 
test is to turn fsync off for a little while to see if this fixes your performance 


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